SNC 101 is our foundational discipleship course. It is a 4 week class, and Our goal is to teach you about “Who we are” at SNC, “What we believe”, “Who God made you to be” & “Where you fit in”. We are in the process of scheduling our next block of SNC 101. Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter to stay up to date!

Q: Will there be childcare?
A: Yes

Q: Is there a cost for the class
A: No

Q: If I’m new can I sign up
A: Yes! This class will get you familiar with who we are and help you plug in to SNC!

Q: If I have attended for a while (or all of my life) can I sign up?
A: Yes! This course will give you a deeper understanding of our new vision/mission for SNC and how you can play a part in it!