What is “Real Connections”?


Real Connections is our on campus Discipleship ministry. Currently we offer several classes that will take your faith to the next level! These classes take place at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings. Below is a list of available classes for you to browse. You can also reach out to a leader or sign up for a class!
SNC101 is our Introductory class created for you to understand who we are at SNC, who God made you to be and how you fit into his kingdom and our local church. This class handles the basic principles and core beliefs of the Christian faith, service and also dives into your God given gifts and personality. The end result of this 4 week class is for you to be totally confident in God, your church body and yourself as a child of God so you can be ready to plug into serving in ministry and growing in discipleship.
Join our Real Connections “Relationship Goals” Class! Ellisha and Chris Hastings will be leading this class starting May 30th. This class is for anyone looking to grow and mature in their marriage or future marriage, singles and individuals are highly encouraged to join!

Senior Pastor Mark Terrill

Pastor Tony & Shelly Capon

Pastor Tony & Shelly welcome you to study God’s word with them!
Join us as we study God’s word learning about the trailblazers. They were led by the Spirit and fought the good fight of faith. I trust you will be inspired as you learn about all that they accomplished with the help of our great God!

Hero’s of the Faith:

Pastor Kathy Embry

“Introduction to Discipleship:

From Salvation to Witness”

Minister David Karlstromer

Many are saved, but not equipped to be effective witnesses of Jesus. This class exists to close the gaps between salvation and discipleship. At the end of this 12 week class you will be more prepared to step out into the real world and witness to others, and to be the church. If interested in more info or if you’d like to sign up, click here.