Hey SNC Fam! We had an amazing weekend and have so much fun stuff coming up!


If you missed Sunday’s Service  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

We also had an amazing Real Men’s Meeting on Saturday! REMINDER, our Real Men’s Meetings are always on the first Saturday of the Month at 7 am. 


We launched our “real life groups” ministry in 2021 with the goal for our community to live life together. A few weeks ago we announced that 10% of the church was already in a Real Life Group. Recently we announced that we reached the 20% threshold! We’re so excited and hoping in the near future EVERYONE will be in a Real Life Group. 

How can you get involved, you might ask? Start your own!
You have friends and family that you stay connected with in your everyday life, those are the ones you can start your very own Real Life Group with!

Or hey! If someone has already invited you to their, just GO! You will not regret the lifelong friendships that are being created in our homes.

If you want to sign up to Teach or see if there’s an existing Real Life Group you can attend,
Go to https://snc.church/reallifegroups for more info


This week’s announcements


Midweek Meeting CANCELLED

We’re seeing an increase of Covid cases in our community so we are preemptively cancelling this week’s Midweek Meeting with the intention of slowing our local exposure rate. Remember to be safe, if you’re having any symptoms of Covid at all stay home and join us online. 


Ladies Luau Event!

June 27th immediately following morning worship. Hosted at Becky Sturdefant’s House in Seymour.

Message brought by Kathy Embrey!

Wear your most tropical outfit and join the fun!

RSVP for the event HERE



Our Outreach Wall emphasis for June is to bless our local volunteer firefighters!
There are 40 in total, so this is a LARGE outreach. We are putting together a, “Firefighters Survival Kit.” We need all items to be brought in by Sunday, June 27th. Please visit the outreach wall and take the items off of the wall that you intend to bring back! You can also financially support the outreach ministry with an offering at https://snc.church/give 



Ladies’  Luau Event, June 27th After Worship AM Service 

Real Men’s Meeting – July 3rd, 7 AM

SNC 101 RELAUNCH – Stay tuned for more info